This PA is great to handle 90% of Weddings, Parties and Functions. We also include lights that are perfect to fill the dance floor with colour.

The sound system will easily handle 80-100 of your guests, dancing the night away.

1 x Pro Disc Jockey 2 Speaker Stands
CD players, Mixer, Microphone 1 x T-Piece Lighting Stand
3 Shimmer effects, One Sound activated Effect, Strobe light optional

$500+ GST

Wedding Reception Specialist
You deserve the very best mobile music professional for your Wedding Reception. Let us help you make that dream reception, your reality!
Dirty Monkey Disc Jockeys For Weddings
We offer affordable, yet elegant wedding reception entertainment packages. We service your entire wedding reception, beginning with our consultation and pre-planning, to the day of wedding set-up, guest arrival greeting and background dinner music, activity coordination and announcements of the evening's activities and special introductions. We incorporate special dances like the Father-Daughter Dance and then of course plenty of party dancing! Dirty Monkey Wedding DJ Services brings an entire professional sound system to your Wedding Reception, (includes full range PA / Music Speakers). We use special effects like our incredible light systems to add a festive party ambiance to Your Wedding Reception.

Dirty Monkey Wedding DJ's Are Professionals!
Our Wedding Reception Packages include a D.J. dressed in appropriate attire. Your Wedding deserves a professional in a suit, with all the talent, equipment and skill to provide a worry-free Wedding Reception. We provide microphones, and a professional grade light show.
We have played 100s of weddings and can advise your Best Man as to correct protocol and the role of Master of ceremonies (MC)

It's your wedding day and you want everything to be as close to perfect as possible. Trying to figure out which Dirty Monkey DJ service offers the best fit for your needs can be a lot of work, but after viewing all of the website's, videos, brochures, cutting through all the hype and "special package deals", every year, hundreds of Brides and Grooms decide that Dirty Monkey Wedding DJ Services is the best choice for them. These couples realise that truly professional DJ entertainment isn't just a good idea - it's actually the most important element in the success of their wedding reception! When you're spending thousands of dollars on everything from food to flowers for a once-in-a-lifetime event like this, doesn't it make sense to reserve the finest entertainment to insure its success?