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Dj Akira

Hailing from the sunny shores of the Central Coast NSW the dj/producer Akira feel in love with the harder styles in Electronica

Akira cut his teeth at the warehouse party circuits in Melbourne in 2000 playing acid house and hard trance to heaving, sweaty dance floors, until such genres as hardstyle, dutch hardcore , drum ‘n’ bass & dubstep found their way into his record bag and never left

With a passion for all genre in music Akira began to fuse styles to bring mainstream clubbers in contact with the new and unknowN

“I have learnt that the best way to introduce something new to an audience is to frame it in the familiar, I am always on the search for the freshest accapellas in the top 40 charts to introduce interesting and leftfield music to everyone on the dance floor. It is amazing how crossing genres can instantly unite a crowd, young and old, r’n’b lover to electro house freaks”

Akira knows how to keep a crowd jumping, professional and polite he loves to get the crowd involved “I love requests, I know some djs hate it but I love it, they keep me on my toes. I love the diversity of a crowd and their requests just make it all the more interesting”

Expect mass group hugs or mass group therapy sessions with Akira behind the decks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

· Sublime
· Thunder Dome(Rotterdam, Holland)
· Dominator (Amsterdam, Holland)
· The Pavilion ( George st, Sydney)


· 3D (Mckillop st, Melbourne)
· Transmission dance parties (Olympic park)
· Hardwars (Olympic park)
· As well as many, many private functions- 18th, 21st and one or two over 30’s events


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