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After Dirty Monkey

Does your venue look like the above photo?

Or more like this?


For Pubs, Clubs, Bars and Nightclubs!

Smoking laws, RSA Law, Alcopop Tax, Pokie Tax, Black lists. Its a wonder any venue can survive! Pick the wrong entertainment provider and you drive patrons out the door!

Now that I have your attention,
This is about saving money and increasing turnover, using your ‘already established’
patron base, without increasing drink prices.
Wouldn't it be great if the same amount of people were lining up at your bar every weekend?
The venues we contract to, have increased sales by an average of 30% by implementing a Professional Entertainment Solutions such as ours. The industry standard says that the average customer will spend $40 through the night inside a registered club or hotel on alcohol. If you have 250 people spending $40 a
head you have increased your bar takings by $10,000.00 (8pm-2am).
I haven’t even mentioned what would happen with the gaming area!

Dirty Monkey provides an efficient way to target 18-25, 25-35 and 40+ year olds who are seeking
entertainment information. Our advertising and entertainment solutions are specifically targeted, city-specific
and user-specific. With veteran Internet Marketing Professionals on our team, we work closely with you to accomplish your goals - with measurable results!

Is your band or duo destroying your bar sales?

You don't have to have a 'BANGIN' Nightclub! Why not a 70's 80's 90's night? If you don't want your venue full of messy 18yrs olds our professional Performers can easily Cater to an older crowd.

Got an upmarket setting? why not go with a funky House DJ for the more 'educated audience' Spinning cafe style chill out tunez (great for sunday afternoons)

Perhaps you do need a DJ to Ripp it up? Nightclub needing a fresh sound? perhaps Electro, Urban, or Tek is what you need.

Putting on a Rave or Hardstyle event is also a walk in the park for us, with Jocks that spin Sublime or DEFCON Style DOOF!

So what about cost?
To answer this in one sentence is a difficult thing to do. However, compared to the expense vs takings, if you employed a duo or small band for 3 hours vs what we do you definitely in front.

Dirty Monkey with over 10 year industry experience have hand picked our performers and DJ's (we have worked for and seen other agents just hire anyone who calls and professes to be a DJ, and stood back to watch them destroy sound systems, and empty rooms with poor music selection, whilst getting wasted and scoping for girls at the venues experience). The right or wrong performer can make or break the night. Dirty Monkey seek out established performers and artists, most with a well rounded fan base!

Performers and Djs for any occasion Lounge bars, Night clubs, School Discos, Weddings 21sts, Corporate functions etc, etc.