Dirty Monkey has 3 main categories that all work together or separately.

DJ's and Entertainers.
Web 2.0 Marketing.
Graphic Design - From cards, flyers, to video, web, club plasma screen graphics and nightlife advertising.

We make it easy to market your business, with Facebook, YouTube online presence, social media WEB2.0 interaction and graphic design and print services. Creating a packaged identity. Our main target market is nightclubs where we not only provide a DJ tailored to your venue but other acts as well. We also have a suitable line up of DJs and other Entertainment for party's and weddings and can even design and print your wedding invitations!

Target Markets - Everyone needs a Dirty Monkey!

Lets face it the web 2.0 phenomena is the new way to find businesses and services, you have to play on the same field as your opposition, and these days the teens to middle age are more likely to turn to the web to find where they want to shop, party, hire a service etc. Google has replaced yellow pages and for the under 30's Facebook is now becoming googles nemesis. People like to use a service or product that is recommended by a friend. With Facebook your friend can "like" a product or service. This action appears in what your friend have been up to in the news feed, this then become viral as others check out what has been liked and with (most of the time) investigate the product, service, news article etc, that was 'liked', and also click 'like' and the cycle perpetuates.

YouTube - is a video-sharing website on which users can upload, share, and view videos. Many business create videos to link to their Facebook profile. This move helps the consumer review the product or service. i.e. check out the club before attending, see how a mobile phone works before purchasing, and can be used for every business from Lawn maintaince to a review on a new TV or a 'test drive' on a potential car purchase.

Dirty Monkey can Provide soutions for all of the above.



Dirty Monkey with over 10 year industry experience have hand picked our performers and DJ's (we have worked for and seen other agents just hire anyone who calls and professes to be a DJ, and stood back to watch them destroy sound systems, and empty rooms with poor music selection, whilst getting wasted and scoping for girls at the venues experience). The right or wrong performer can make or break the night. Dirty Monkey seek out established performers and artists, most with a well rounded fanbase!

Performers and Djs for any occasion Lounge bars, Night clubs, School Discos, Weddings 21sts, Corporate functions etc, etc.



Dirty Monkey, has worked behind the scenes for the past 10 years, to be the provider of entertainment services to other agencies. What we have discovered are that many agents care more about what they can get out of you, rather than what they can offer you, not only as a venue but also from the entertainers perspective as well. Many agents will stick a performer in a venue to play music that is often not the expertise or passion of the artist. For example if the DJ loves spinning RETRO why put him in a venue playing Top 40, Or a hip hop DJ in an Electro House club. Getting a Leopard to change spots is a difficult thing. There is also a need for Promotion and Marketing. Does your Entertainer promote your FaceBook page? are photos updated every week? Does your current provider promote your venue via social networking? What about YouTube? Do you have video content to show how much fun your venue is? 50% of 500,000,000 facebook users log in every day, are you interacting with them? If your business (any Business for that matter) are not WEB 2.0 YOUR LOOSING MONEY SIMPLE AS THAT!



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